We recently moved to Lucas Valley and didn't know a good autobody place and a mechanic recommended Northgate Autobody to take a look at the problem I was having with my car's door and they assessed and fixed it right there at the spot. Both the receptionist and the person that fixed my car were extremely nice. I will definitely be back and recommend to friends.
— Chris K.
I used NGA mainly because my insurance offered a discount on my deductible AND the Yelp! reviews were really great. I could not have been happier. They were extremely nice, did everything they said they would do and did it well. They even arranged a rental car! it was there waiting for me. Now that's service! Jeff was so personable and I was totally impressed w/how clean everything was!!! Thanks guys! Great job.
— Dorothy A.
If I could give 10 stars I would. Northgate Autobody fixed my truck after someone ran into me last summer and this year when the rain came they spent 5 hours checking and redoing the bolts and sealer for the cab on the back. The owner and his wife have had this business since 1966 and he said so many of his customers have become his friends. I can see why!! They stand by their work and are a wonderful example of a good ole American company with integrity and impeccable standards. I highly recommend Northgate Auto Body. You can trust them!!!

Lauren McMills/Allegra 45 year resident of Marin County. In the T shirt business so I use my truck alot!
— Laura A.
These guys are great! Very nice, genuine, professional, and they did a great job - they even arranged for my rental. Highly recommend.
— J.K.
I was recommended Nothgate Autobody by triple AAA.They are a small family owned business who have been around for fifty years.What appealed to me most was the fact they were willing to fix my car in three days,have a rent a car come to the shop,& guarantee the work for life.They called me everyday to update me on the work.The location of the shop was easily reached off the freeway unlike the mess inside central San Rafael.Upon pick-up the car had been detailed out like a show car.The boss came out & shook my hand and that was that. Workmanship,customer service,and a convenient location all excellent!
— Jessica B.
I was referred to these guys through my insurance and they beat all my expectations! Being a woman and mom, I usually expect to be taken advantage of and mislead by auto stores and companies but I found Northgate Autobody to be honest, fast and reliable. I really appreciated the way they were solution oriented and don't over charge. I can't recommend them enough.
— Nicole A.
Northgate Autobody is terrific! My mother's car was in an accident in mid December. Mom is 88 years old (she doesn't drive anymore--I'm her chauffeur) and her car is 20 years old. We were hoping and praying that the car wouldn't be totaled, as she didn't want to have to purchase a new car at her age. My brother referred us to Northgate. The estimate came out to be less than the worth of the car, so insurance agreed to fix it.
We were treated so well. They were honest, professional and real. The rental car was there when we dropped off the car for repair (arraigned for by Northgate). The car was fixed and ready prior to the expected time, washed and shining. The repair looks fabulous! They even used a little extra paint that was left over to cover a few nicks that had been there for years. Everything was done with a smile. You can't go wrong with Northgate Autobody.
— Noelle B.
I have always used Northgate Autobody. I have 5 drivers in my family and have gone to Jeff for the last 10 years for all my body work. Very friendly and professional. First rate work too.
— Ken W.
I recently was referred to the North gate Auto body by my insurance due to a discovery of a big scratch in my car.The first time I step to the door I meet Ron, I felt totally comfortable and felt this is the right place for my car to be and repaired. They already made my rental car ready to be driven with no hassle and they kept my car to be repaired for about 4-5 days they did such a beautiful job. They also let me know ahead of time if it will be a delay for the car repair which I really liked. I highly recommended that the North gate Auto body which is owned by a genuine family to be a place to take your car for repair.
Thank you North gate Auto body.....
— Sara R.
This place is outstanding! I just moved here a few months ago and went on Yelp to find out who to call after my car was hit in the parking lot 2 days after I bought it. They were extremely helpful and my car looked brand new again after a week! They were very friendly, I would highly recommend this body shop to anyone who needs one!
— Jenni S.
After having a bad interior trim accident in my car I was told by AAA that Northgate Autobody was a trusted place to have my car detailed.

Jeff, Greg and Ron were positive and professional with daily updates because parts needed to be special ordered from Volkswagen. After finding out pretty much everything needed to be replaced they went above and beyond. My car looks better than it did when I bought it thanks to North Gate Autobody.

I would recommend these great guys for any insurance claim or just any interior or exterior car fixes.

Thanks North Gate Autobody!
— Pablo R.
I very highly recommend Northgate Autobody. Don't try anyone else.

I was rear-ended at slow speed on the freeway--not much damage, but damage none the less. The insurance gave me a list of shops so I called the first one, not Northgate, and made an appointment. When I got there I had to wait 20 minutes. The person who took photos of the damage only took 2 photos so I was already feeling uncomfortable.

I called the shop later with insurance information and was told I needed to come back for more photos. So I made another trip there on a Monday. I was told they would "try" to have the estimate to Ameriprise by Wednesday. Another red flag. Of course, it wasn't submitted by Wednesday. Ameriprise called them several times on Thursday and Friday. Each time they were handed over to a different person who said they would take care of it.

It still wasn't submitted the following Monday. Ameriprise called me and said maybe I should call because they were rude to her on the phone. What???!!!! I called Tuesday morning and was curtly told they'd get it done as soon as they could. Ameriprise called me Tuesday afternoon because they still had not received the estimate. Time to take my business somewhere else so I called Northgate.

Ron was very helpful and friendly on the phone. Already a good sign. He said I didn't need an appointment, come in when it's convenient for me. Really? When I got there, Ron introduced himself and then introduced me to Jeff, who would be helping me. No waiting. Jeff took photos from every angle, we filled out the paperwork, he said he would submit the estimate right away and set up the rental car. Wow! By the time I got home 20 minutes later, Ameriprise already had the estimate from Jeff. Another wow!!

When I took my car in for the work, the rental car was waiting for me. I just gave Jeff my keys and was on my way. He called me the next day to update me and said it would be ready the following day. He called me the following day and said it would be ready by noon. Are you kidding! Not only that, they gave it a great wash and vacuum job!

When I picked it up, I gave Jeff the keys to the rental, I didn't have to do anything. My car looked awesome and Jeff even buffed out a spot not related to the damage. I was VERY pleased with the work and customer service I received.

Everyone was very friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and dependable. They got the job done quickly and did a great job. And they let me know they appreciated my business. They even sent me a thank you card signed by them personally. I very highly recommend Northgate Autobody.
— Ann R.
You never want to use a body shop, but sometimes you have to. If so, you can't go wrong here. This place was on a list AAA had of approved body shops, and it shows. Very courteous and they obviously know how to deal with your insurance.

Car was ready a day Before they said it would. Their work looks good and it shows that they know what they're doing.

— Bruce W.
It's a little thing, but it was really frustrating.

I found some screws holding some of the pieces of trim to the body of my car were missing. I guess they had vibrated loose or popped off over time. I went to the dealer for replacement screws and was told that my car was too old and the screws had been discontinued. I tried a bunch of parts stores and hardware stores looking for replacements and came up empty. So I decided to try a body shop.

Northgate was my first stop, as it was very close by and had good reviews. Greg understood my problem immediately and spent about 10 minutes looking around the shop for something that would work. He gave me some screws and waited while I tried them out; they worked! With that he say "good luck" and waved goodbye, never asking me for a dime. I've been to other body shops before where instead they would have charged me $20 "to fix the damage" and pretty much done the same thing, only with the additional step of screwing the screws in. I appreciate Greg's gesture of good will.
— Adam S.
If you or anyone you know are looking for an auto body repair shop, this is the place to go for kind, courteous, professional service. They really know what they're doing and are so nice and helpful to deal with. I can honestly say, it was truly a pleasure doing business with this well established, local, family owned and operated company! My experience with them from start to finish was absolutely stress free and my car looks good as new! I highly recommend Northgate Auto Body.
— Patti M.
Jeff and Greg are friendly, helpful, and timely. They arranged for the rental car to be there the morning of my appointment a few days ago, and when I forgot about said appointment, they called to see if everything was ok. They had the work done in a day and a half, and returning the rental to them and getting my car back was easy. I've been to them twice for body work in the last six months (bad luck), and I have no complaints. I totally recommend them!!!
— Liza C.
Well the bad news is in 6 months 3 crashes brought me to Northgate so can say my experience is ongoing and they deserve 5 stars plus. Their work is impeccable and they are super professional and just nice. They make you feel like they have all the time to explain things and answer questions. My insurance company uses both them and GNC but looked at their reviews and not good. I hope not to be back soon but wanted everyone to know they worked on my SUV more than once and did excellent work! And my idea of being a Uber or Lyft driver are now an after thought.
— Kathy J.
Fantastic experience from start to finish. I live locally and after someone hit my car and didn't leave any details - I was at a loss as to where to start. I yelped and saw the amazing reviews. Where is the 10 star button ? Greg was so kind and courteous he explained everything thoroughly and after an initial consult even wrapped crash film over my window before I had even spoken to my insurance company. After calling my insurance company everything was taken out of my hands - a rental car was ready for me when I arrived - I was kept informed every step of the way. My insurance company and Greg dealt with everything they even made sure my rental car was the same make as my car. I picked my car up as scheduled and it was valeted inside and out. The standard of work was 10/10 quick efficient and the customer service outstanding. THANK YOU Northgate Autobody for making a horrible experience an absolute breeze to rectify I will be and have already recommended you to friends.
— Emma B.